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Selby McPhee was a staff writer and editor at schools, universities, and other educational institutions including Tufts University and the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), where she was marketing vice president.  In addition to her administrative work, she was the editor of numerous institutional newsletters, magazines, and e-publications, and she served as chapter author of an NAIS book on school marketing.  She continues to write e-newsletters for nonprofit institutions on a freelance basis.

As a freelance writer, McPhee has published articles in a variety of magazines and newspapers, including Vermont Life, HighFidelity/Musical America, Independent School, Burlington (VT) Free Press, and IB World (the International Baccalaureate magazine).  While living in Vermont from 1970 to 1980, McPhee was innkeeper at a small ski lodge, manager of an attached condominium development, and producing director at the Stowe (VT) Playhouse.

Love Crazy, McPhee’s first book, began to germinate in 1984, when she found a box of letters,  marked with the admonition “to be destroyed unopened,” in a closet at her parents’ house.

McPhee, a graduate of Vassar College, grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She lives with her husband in Maryland.

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